IATL Working to Bring Four Afghan Attorneys and Their Families Safely to the United States

International Academy of Trial Lawyers Working to Bring Four Afghan Attorneys and Their Families Safely to the United States


Minneapolis – Sept. [15], 2021 – The International Academy of Trial Lawyers is sponsoring four Afghan attorneys who participated in a program to help ensure the success of democracy in Afghanistan, in order to provide them and their families safety and protection in the United States. Because these families are currently under active threat by the Taliban, their identities are not being disclosed at this time.


The Academy is partnering with the non-profit organization VECINA in these efforts. VECINA has launched a Freedom of Movement Project that focuses on requesting permission to enter the United States for Afghan nationals in danger. VECINA’s mission is to empower immigrant justice advocates through mentoring attorneys, educating communities, and mobilizing volunteers.


The long-standing purpose of the Academy is to support the Rule of Law and the facilitation of the administration of justice. Academy President Roman Silberfeld noted, “The Academy’s commitment to the Rule of Law is not an empty promise. For decades, we have honored our mission by engaging in dedicated programs to improve the administration of justice around the world. We are grateful to have the opportunity to support these attorneys who fought for democracy in Afghanistan, along with their families, and to seek their protection and safety.”


The Academy’s Foundation recently provided substantial funding for VECINA’s Freedom of Movement Project. The Foundation has made great strides, through its financial support, in promoting the Rule of Law and the proper administration of justice.


About the International Academy of Trial Lawyers
The International Academy of Trial Lawyers is an elite group of trial lawyers representing both sides of the Bar: plaintiffs’ and defendants’ counsel in civil litigation and prosecutors and defense lawyers in criminal cases. Fellowship in the Academy is by invitation only, and trial lawyers are invited to become Fellows only after an extremely careful vetting process that includes discreet inquiries of both judges and other trial lawyers of high standing. While the majority of the Fellows come from the United States, the Academy also is proud to include lawyers from more than 30 other countries.

IATL Fellow Dominque Pollara Receives the 2021 ABOTA Trial Lawyer of the Year Award

On Saturday, June 19th, 2021 the ABOTA Board of Directors selected IATL Fellow Dominque Pollara of Sacramento, CA as their 2021 Trial Lawyer of the Year recipient. 

Ms. Pollara received this award at the McGeorge School of Law at the Noël Ferris Courthouse, which was recently named in honor of the late IATL Past President. Noël's spouse and IATL Fellow, Parker White was in attendance to present this prestigious award to Ms. Pollara. 

Academy Sponsors Public Education on the Justice System Ahead of Derek Chauvin Trial

As you are likely aware, the Chauvin trial proceedings for the death of George Floyd have begun in Minneapolis. There is a large community effort surrounding the trial, spearheaded by the Legal Rights Center, and involving many other legal organizations and law schools, to focus on the critical need for improving community education of the justice system. This effort includes videos explaining the different components of a criminal trial, ongoing analysis during the trial, live ask-an-attorney question sessions, and more. One of the introductory videos is at this link.
The Academy recognizes that it is of vital importance to improve public education about the justice system, in particular as the Chauvin trial is being live-streamed and is the subject of mass media coverage. As such, we have pledged support for the initiative and are proud to sponsor it.

60 Minutes Segment on the Rise in Threats and Actual Attacks on Federal Judges and Their Families

On Sunday, February 21, 2021, 60 Minutes lead their program with a segment detailing the rise in threats and actual attacks on Federal Judges and their families. The IATL’s core mission is to advance, defend and support the Rule of Law.  Violence against judges, threatened or actual, cannot be tolerated in a constitutional democracy.
Please click here to view the CBS link for the full 60 Minutes Report with serious implications for the judiciary and the rule of law. We encourage you to be on the lookout in your local community and step up to protect and defend your judges and court systems from all forms of attack, be they physical or political. 

McGeorge School of Law Unveils Courthouse Named in IATL Past President Noël Ferris’ Honor

As this holiday season continues, we are reminded of those who we have loved on this journey of life. We are also reminded of the legacies that remain with us all, including our IATL Past President Noël Ferris.

We are pleased to share that the McGeorge School of Law recently named their Courthouse in her honor. We encourage you to view the video of the unveiling presented by McGeorge School of Law Dean Michael Hunter Schwartz and Noël's beloved spouse and Academy Fellow, Parker White. 

Click Here to view video.