Welcome to the website for the International Academy of Trial Lawyers!  It is with gratitude I accept the challenge and responsibility to lead IATL in the coming year.  We are an international legal association both in spirit and membership.  The Academy is comprised of the best trial lawyers as measured by skill, experience, ethics, and civility.  Our fellowship is limited to 500 active trial lawyers from the United States and includes over 150 fellows from nearly 30 countries across the globe.

The International Academy of Trial Lawyers is dedicated to defending and promoting the rule of law and we offer many opportunities for our fellows to fulfill this mission.

In 2014, the Academy started its Coalition Against Human Trafficking.  Since its inception, this program has served as a resource to impower and equip IATL fellows and their families to combat human trafficking through education, awareness, advocacy for policy change, and litigation to assist victims and reduce demand.  In 2017, the Academy started its Youth Restoration Justice Program supplying our members with tools to bring about youth restorative practices in their communities.  Our fellows have worked to achieve legislative and policy changes.  As part of this initiative, the Academy has created a documentary film, “Once In A Future Piece,” which has enjoyed critical acclaim and featured in multiple film festivals.  The film can be reviewed by clicking here. The Academy has also supported pilot projects under this initiative with the Hennepin County Juvenile Court System in Minnesota, which has been deemed to be so successful that the County has assumed all funding and doubled its capacity to implement the program.  It has also lead to legislative changes in Minnesota.  Similar programs are being developed by fellows in Philadelphia, Houston, Austin, Columbus, Salt Lake City, and Kansas City.

These are just a few of the projects undertaken by the Academy to protect the rule of law and enhance democracy.  We are proud of our work, but there remains much work to be done.  Our fellows are committed to fulfilling our mission and making the rule of law strong and enduring so that justice will always prevail.

Kathleen Flynn Peterson
International Academy of Trial Lawyers