Academy Tribute to Cody Baldwin – First Lady 1995

 Academy Tribute to Cody Baldwin – First Lady 1995

"She was an angel that lifts us up when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."

                                                                        THAT WAS CODY.

I have never known a person who loves, forgives and creates comfort and happiness for all her family and friends the way Cody could.

This is a daughter who still shares with her friends her mom's recipes in cookbooks her mom help put together – and she still uses them.

This is a woman who buys a 3' faux dog to stroke and hold while she listens to music.

This is a mom who is so proud of her family that she lines her very large condo with endless pics. of all of her family.

This is a girl who can still fit into size 0 pant and looks like a "stylish model."

This is a friend who only finds the good in everyone.

Her inimitable laugh is ringing in my ears.

She will be the brightest star in the Heavens.

Thank God for her in all of our lives.

She will carry the moniker of "Friend Forever."

Lynn Parks

I remember so many many times with Scotty and Cody, my grandparents back in the day and my Uncle Brother and Sue.  But one in particular was at a meeting and Cody asked Don to dance and Scotty asked me.  They could really shake it down!    Someone had those pictures, but I think it was about 25 years ago.   I loved Cody’s gravely sexy voice, among her many other gifts.

Suzelle Smith

My dear friend, Cody Baldwin, was my bosom buddy and one the best persons I ever met. Cody was also a mentor for me in many ways. She was a devoted wife and mother, and watching her as she demonstrated the love for her family and friends in such a genuine and loving way made a real impact on me.

Cody was the true Texas lady, without guile or any critique of others in her unique way of making all around her feel comfortable. A real gift!

I loved hearing her talk about going to the " picture show" (a movie with Scotty) or making stuffed eggs (some call deviled eggs) to place into her "ice box" (fridge). I can still hear her humming as she went about her household chores, always with a positive attitude.

She faced some health challenges throughout her life, and for the past several years coped with losing her eyesight, but always finding a way to remain active and continue learning by listening to books on tape or trying new binoculars. I loved talking to her about our Longhorn teams, and we sent her enlarged copies of the roster of players while she listened on radio if she was unable to watch them on TV.  She remained interested and stayed informed.

As First Lady of the Academy, she was behind the scenes, but making suggestions and giving ideas to her hero, Scotty. Her footprint was felt.

We shared so many happy meals and toasts with the Baldwins on trips, and we also enjoyed her gracious hosting in their home.  What exquisite taste Cody had in all phases, from her art collection, decor of home and choice of attire.  Her style was understated but classy and Cody perfect.

It is difficult for me to say goodbye to one of the most treasured friends of my lifetime, and one of my steel magnolias. 

She will truly be missed but never forgotten.

Hook 'em!

Ruth Ann Spivey

Cody Baldwin was a true lady.  Cody treated everyone kindly in her elegant and generous manner.  Cody always looked as if she had just stepped out of “a band box”, an old saying that means very well dressed and looking swell.  Cody was totally cool in any situation, nothing was too tough for Cody to handle, with class.  She was a calming force. And Cody was so much fun to be around, always with a ready smile and hardy laugh.  Cody will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing her. 

Mary Gay Grigg

Living in the same condo complex as Cody we met fairly often in the garage coming and going. She always had a lovely smile and a kind word to say. There is a big void in the building as well as in many hearts. I too am sure she is now a bright star.

Ruth Kreindler

She was not just one of, but the forever dearest, smartest, most helpful and kind person to all the women in the Academy.  Her advice was always most helpful and wise. What a wonderful mentor for all of the women she influenced.  Her witty and joyful countenance will be missed.  There are no contenders at all who could fill Cody’s place among Academy women.  She will always be missed by all in the Academy who knew and loved her.          

Carole Krist