The Dean of the Academy, nominated and elected annually, has the honor of addressing the Academy membership at an Annual Meeting on the subject of their choosing relevant to enhancing the rule of law and trial advocacy. The following is a list of Deans and the titles of their addresses. A link to a video or audio recording of each address is provided when available.

2024 James P. Roy l Honor, History, and the Rule of Law

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2023 Joe H. Tucker, Jr. l The Journey Continues

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2022 Karen Burgess l Truth or Consequence: Protecting Justice and the Rule of Law Against a Crisis of Deception

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2021 Kathleen Flynn Peterson | Well? 

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2019 Paul Sreenan | A Great and Noble Project 

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2018 Roman M. Silberfeld | Exodus 

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2017 A. Clifford Edwards | Why Do You Hurt Me So?

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2016 J. Mark White | The Last Battle 

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2015 Noël M. Ferris | Watershed Moments: Catalyst for Advocacy  

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2014 Richard D. Burbidge | Who We Are and What We Leave Behind   

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2013 Joseph M. Matthews | Trial Advocacy in the 21st Century Global Village

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2012 David L. Cleary | Reflection – Upon the Rule of Law

2011 Herman J. Russomanno | Trial Lawyers: Our Solemn Oath to Make Democracy Work

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2010 Michael W. Stitt QC  | The Price of Liberty?

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2009 Roberta D. Pichini  | On Turning the Corner…

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2008 Christian D. Searcy | Morituri Te Salutamus

2007 James J. Thompson, Jr.  | Flood Tide

2006 William O. Whitehurst, Jr. | The Justice Gap

2005 Robert T. Hall | Musings on the Rule of Law in Troubled Times

2004 Dicky Grigg | Minkey

2003 Thomas V. Girardi | The Persuaders

2002 Harold J. Hunter, Jr.  | The Winds of Freedom

2001 James S. Bostwick | 2001-A Case Odyssey: From Snail mail to e-mail 

2000 Broadus A. Spivey | The Hero

1999 Peter C. John | Respect is the Answer, Isn’t It

1998 Robert L. Parks | Your Lawyer Oath – You Took It, You’re Stuck with It! 

1997 Robert D. Krist | Trial by Jury

1995 Walter G Chuck | An Emerging Crisis – The Need for a New Consensus on Professionalism in Law

1994 Richard B. Baxter 

1993 Francis Scott Baldwin | Punitive Damages Revisited

1992 Wayne Fisher | To Form a More Perfect Union

1991 Kenneth F. Howie  | Lawyers Under Fire

1990 Richard J. Phelan | Ethics in Law and Politics after Jim Wright

1989 Foster D. Arnett | The Trial Lawyer and Lawyering: Personal Values and Perceptions

1988 G. Allan Cunningham | I See a Cloud – Revisited

1987 Aaron S. Podhurst | The Status of The Lawyer and The Justice System

1986 Earl L. Neal | The Supreme Court: Reflections on the Constitutional Protection of Human Dignity

1985 Mortimer A. Rosecan | Lawyer Advertising and Specialty Certification

1984 Harold R. Schmid | Trial Lawyers – Redoubtable or Redundant

1983 David K. Watkiss | The Litigation Explosion and the Trial Lawyer’s
Changing Role

1982 Francis H. Monek | Court Delay: Some Causes and Remedies

1981 Leonard Decof  | Jury Trial and The Independent Bar

1980 Don M. Jackson | Advocacy at the Crossroads

1978 Arch K. Schoch | Search for Excellence

1977 Edward L. Savel  | Ours is a Glorious Heritage

1975 David Berger | The Pursuit fo Excellence in the Law – Quo Vais IATL?

1974 David M. Harney | Medical Malpractice: The Doctor’s Dilemma

1973 Lee S. Kreindler | World Peace Through Law and Lawyers

1972 Lou Ashe | Design for a Decade of our International Academy

1971 A. Harold Frost | Civility in the Courts

1970 Horace G. Brown | Consumer Protection for All – But Not for Lawyer’s Clients

1969 H. Sol Clark | The Role of Today’s Advocate

1968 John C. Frank  | A History of Law – and Lawyers

1967 John J. Watts | Modern Advocacy