Optional Tours

Thursday, April 11

Walking Tour of Mayfair

(Registration Required, $75/person)
With Buckingham Palace to the south, Hyde Park and Knightsbridge to the West and Piccadilly to the east, The Dorchester is the perfect starting point from which to hear anecdotes about royal London, the history of the Parks, the shopping meccas of Harrods and Fortnum & Mason and the stars of Society who have frequented the pubs and restaurants nearby. Throughout Mayfair from Shepherd’s Market to the galleries of Berkeley Square and the specialist shops such as Purdeys gunmakers, you have a sense that you are in the established centre of London’s wealthy, with ‘No.1 London‘ (the Duke of Wellington’s house) at Hyde Park Corner.

Friday, April 12

Mini Cooper Tour of London
(Registration Required, $230/person)
Your tweedy London driver-guide will take you through the heart of the city in a rare and zippy original Mini Cooper. You’ll be taken on a tour along the intricate twists and turns of the Thames, across bridges, into a tunnel of art, and into all sorts of corners you would not discover by other means.

Saturday, April 13

Tour of Churchill War Rooms
(Registration Required, $100/person)
The original Cabinet War Rooms were the headquarters for Winston Churchill’s government operations during the Second World War. Located close to Downing Street and the Foreign Office, the ‘bunker’ gives you an insight into the leadership and decision-making, the planning and plotting that took place there as well as a large exhibition on Churchill’s life and legacy. The museum is completely underground.

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