Dear Friends,

As we embark on our year as President and First Lady of the Academy, Pat and I very much want to find a way to provide our beloved Academy a return to a semblance of normalcy in these unusual times. To achieve this goal, we are planning an in-person gathering in the fall of this year at Cal-a-Vie near San Diego, California. We’ve designed the gathering that is described in the attached brochure after much thought and consideration. This will be a different sort of gathering but it will have the most important aspects that are featured at all our meetings – great camaraderie, great food, enriching experiences, fun, laughter and the making of great memories.

We want to explain a bit more about how this gathering will be different than meetings in the past. The space is very limited. This is because we determined that the best way to ensure a safe meeting is to take over an entire property. We will have two 4-day meetings back to back between September 12th–18th , 2021. A first group will attend from Sunday to Wednesday and a second group will attend from Wednesday to Saturday. The programs in both will be identical and there will be a special set of activities for all attendees on the ‘crossover’ day of Wednesday, September 15. Because space is limited, we are limiting attendance to Fellows and spouses, significant others, and plus ones only. Children and friends who are otherwise welcome at our meetings should take advantage of our annual meeting in Beverly Hills in March of 2022. 

Importantly, we require that everyone who registers for this gathering be fully vaccinated by the time of the gathering. And, we have also asked the Cal-a-Vie resort personnel to commit to having their staff fully vaccinated by the time of our arrival in the fall. These steps will help ensure safety and will allow everyone to mingle more freely.

Pat and I have designed this gathering as ‘summer camp for grownups’. The resort offers a superb fitness center with multiple exercise classes. The spa is magical and there are numerous opportunities for golf, tennis, and hiking. You’ll be enriched with lively speakers and wonderful music. It is your choice to partake in as much-or as little-activity as you wish. Most of all we want you to enjoy yourselves to the fullest, as we share in one another's company once again.

We are mindful and respectful of the fact that the crossover day of September 15 is Yom Kippur. Regrettably, we were unable to find another week at any time this year that could work for a meeting like this one. Pat and I are genuinely sensitive to the meaning of this day to many of our Fellows and their families. We apologize to anyone who will miss the meeting because of the High Holidays and we hope that you understand that we tried our best to avoid this situation.

Love to all,

Pat and Roman





Q1: I can no longer attend and need to cancel. What do I do?
A1: Please contact the IATL Executive Office for assistance.

“From the location, the first class accommodations, the program, the staff, meeting the Fellows and their spouses… Everything greatly exceeded my expectations. What a wonderful organization!”

— New IATL Fellow

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