2020 Annual Meeting

IATL President and First Lady Cliff and Susan Edwards bring the IATL to Memphis, TN, for the IATL 2020 Annual Meeting. Memphis has the energy and excitement of a big city, full of fun and unique things to do, see, taste and experience. The 2020 Annual Meeting is embracing all that Memphis has to offer from toe tapping musicians to mouth watering barbecue. 

Join the IATL in Memphis, TN, for the 2020 Annual Meeting, April 1-5, 2020. 

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Q1: What do I wear?
A1: Business attire (no ties required) for Professional Programs. The rest of the meeting attire will be announced closer to the meeting.

Q2: What is the weather?
A2: In April, daily high temperatures range from 68ºF to 77ºF. The daily low temperature range from 50ºF to 58ºF. 

Q3: I can no longer attend and need to cancel. What do I do?
A3: Please contact the IATL Executive Office for assistance. The Executive Office may also offer to assist with your hotel cancellation if there is a hotel reservation waiting list. 

Q4: I'm a New Fellow. What should I expect?
A4: Welcome! You will find that the meetings are a great way to truly experience the IATL and meet other Fellows. The IATL is family friendly, so please invite your spouse, partner, and/or family to attend. You and your guests are invited to attend all the meeting activities, plus as a New Fellow there will be additional opportunities to be welcomed into the Academy. For your induction, please dress in business attire as you will get your photo taken. For more information regarding your induction, watch this brief video

Q5: I want to get more involved. Can I attend a committee meeting?
A5: Fellows may attend any Committee meetings in which they have an interest except the Foundation Luncheon, Executive Committee, and Admissions Committee meetings. We especially encourage Fellows and spouses to attend the Academy Engagement Committee meeting on Thursday morning. You may also reach out to Academy leadership or the Executive office to express your interest. 

“From the location, the first class accommodations, the program, the staff, meeting the Fellows and their spouses… Everything greatly exceeded my expectations. What a wonderful organization!”

— New IATL Fellow

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