International Relations Initiatives

IATL at the Border

Due to the Academy’s dedication to supporting the Rule of Law and concern for the humanitarian crisis at the border of the United States and Mexico, we have developed a program where Fellows and family members can volunteer directly with asylum seekers. Please click here for more information. 

Latin American Collaborative

Uganda Collaborative

The Academy’s Fall 2018 Collaborative in Uganda was a tremendous success. An extraordinary delegation of fellows and jurists were assembled to provide instruction to about 40 Ugandan Magistrate Judges. Instruction on best practices in trial management and ADR, rules changes, electronic access to case law and judgment writing were covered over the week. For the training, the IATL partnered with several judicial organizations, which sent judges: National Judicial College (U.S.); National Judicial Institute (Canada); and the Irish Rule of Law International (Ireland).


Mexico Collaborative

Also in Fall 2018, an IATL delegation traveled to Mexico and met with the Presidents of Mexico's three leading bar associations. We reached an agreement between all four organizations to advance the Rule of Law, protect human rights, fight human trafficking, encourage restorative justice and further best practices in the administration of Justice around the world.

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