ACAHT is proud to highlight our Fellow’s work on anti-human trafficking initiatives. If you have recently been involved with a project you’d like to share, please email us. 

Florida Fellows/Spouses to Host Anti-Trafficking Discussion

Former First Lady Sally Russomanno is hosting  Miami Fellows and spouses for a brainstorming brunch in her home which will include a guest speaker from UNICEF.

Thank you Sally for taking the lead in Florida!

Connecticut Fellows Host Anti-Trafficking Discussion

The Connecticut Chapter of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers hosted a discussion with Joette Katz and Tammy Sneed from The Connecticut Department of Children and Families about the  human trafficking of here in their state. The discussion revealed shocking information and the CT Fellows are coming together to combat trafficking in their state. You can learn more about the CT fellow's initiative in Rich Meehan's article below.
Human Trafficking of Minors, Right Next Door | By Rich Meehan
This is the time of year we celebrate family.  Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanza all present an opportunity to cherish our children and grandchildren. There has been nothing more joyful in my life than the wide-eyed look of wonder in a small child’s eyes on Christmas morning, witnessing the splendor that Santa has provided to them.  But there are children in this state who not only have probably never celebrated a Christmas like yours and mine, but more importantly have lives that are filled with misery. Continue reading...


Academy Executive Office Initiatives

  • The Academy office hosted a screening of sex trafficking documentary "Tricked", with over 100 attendees and a post-program discussion with local experts from the MN Women's Foundation and Breaking Free.
  • Through the organization Breaking Free, the Academy office sponsored a family of a survivor of sex-trafficking for Christmas and donated 10 pairs of new boots for victims of sex trafficking.
  • The Academy Office has been asked to assist with drafting of legislation which would vacate convictions of sex trafficking victims.  Sex trafficking victims are often compelled to engage criminal activity through force during the course of their exploitation. As a result, victims are often arrested, detained, prosecuted, convicted of or have pleaded guilty to criminal charges. These convictions can result in a lifetime of limited access to critical job opportunities, loans, immigration visas, or educational programs. States can help survivors overcome these barriers by enacting statutes that authorize courts to vacate convictions that were the result of being trafficked.

Freedom 58 Project

First Lady Val Cleary is involved with Freedom 58 in which portraits of survivors of sex trafficking are painted and donated by portrait artists in an effort to raise awareness for this issue.  Valerie’s painting is beautiful, moving and inspiring.  If you are a portrait artist and are interested in donating your time and talent, please contact Linda Scher for additional information.

Comcast Newsmakers

Howard Scher’s contacts have enabled the American Bar Association to film an interview with Comcast Newsmakers, and they are now discussing producing a series on what businesses and individuals can do to address the problem, both bringing awareness to their employees and promoting business policies that will begin to take the profit out of this domestic slave trade.  The ABA is also interested in producing a series of PSA (Public Service Announcements) and continues to look for “A-List” entertainers, country or pop singers and major sports figures to be spokespersons for this cause.  Please contact Linda Scher with contacts.

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