Support Safe Houses

Safe Houses are an invaluable resource for survivors of human trafficking. Requests for shelter are the most frequent referral requests made by survivors calling the Polaris Project’s national hotline. Despite significant demand, a 2012 survey by the Polaris Project revealed there were only 529 shelter beds exclusively designated for human trafficking survivors nationwide. The survey found an additional 1115 beds were available to trafficking survivors at organizations that serve human trafficking survivors in addition to other populations. "In the absence of human trafficking-specific shelter options, survivors relay on shelters that serve the homeless, domestic violence survivors, at-risk youth and other vulnerable populations. However, human trafficking survivors also need specialized services that are not always available at these facilities, and survivors may not always meet the required criteria to access services,” per Polaris’s report. You can find a local survivor-support organization to support in the National Human Trafficking Referral Directory

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