Academy Coalition Against Human Trafficking is an initiative of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers to combat human trafficking by raising awareness about human trafficking, reducing the demand for sex trafficking, and empowering IATL’s Fellows and their families to create change in their communities. ACAHT’s journey began in the summer of 2013 when Laurel Bellows, the then President of the American Bar Association, gave a presentation detailing the horrors of human trafficking to IATL Fellows. This presentation resonated deeply with many IATL Fellows and their families. Determined to join the fight to end modern day slavery, IATL created the Academy Coalition Against Human Trafficking. 
As ACAHT’s name suggests, it is a broad coalition which encourages Fellows and their spouses, families and firms to raise awareness about human trafficking in their communities and support local anti-trafficking initiatives. ACAHT has undertaken two major initiatives designed to reduce the demand for sex trafficking: a rating of each state’s laws related to demand reduction and the first ever conference for John School administrators. In addition to these initiatives, ACAHT strives to collaborate with national leaders and experts in sex trafficking, including Polaris, the American Bar Association, and Breaking Free, to identify how we can best support and build upon existing initiatives. 
We welcome you to join ACAHT in this meaningful work. There are many ways to get involved, including joining the ACAHT task force, attending the ACAHT meeting at IATL’s annual and mid-year meetings, joining our mailing list, taking part in our quarterly project, donating to ACAHT or getting involved with your local anti-trafficking organizations. Together we can put an end to modern day slavery. 
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