IATL Foundation

The IATL Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 entity and contributions made to it are tax deductible. Although it operates independently of the Academy, the Foundation plays a key role in supporting Academy initiatives including the Ireland Program, Youth Restorative Justice and Trafficking Prevention, and International Collaboratives. It also supports worthwhile organizations such as the National Institute of Trial Advocacy and the National Judicial College. The Foundation has made great strides, through its financial support, in promoting the Rule of Law, the administration of justice, and the training of judges and trial lawyers. 



William O. Whitehurst, Jr.
Austin, TX

Vice President

Suzelle Smith
Los Angeles, CA


William H. Clendenen, Jr.
New Haven, CT

 Board of Trustees

Lisa Blue
Dallas, TX
    Roberta D. Pichini
Philadelphia, PA
A. Clifford Edwards
Billings, MT
    James S. Rogers
Seattle, WA
Robert L. Parks
Miami, FL
    J. Mark White
Birmingham, AL
James Bostwick
San Francisco, CA

Advisory Trustee Committee

Roman M. Silberfeld
Los Angeles, CA
Paul Sreenan
Dublin, Ireland
Kathleen Flynn Peterson
Minneapolis, MN


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