ACAHT Quarterly Project

(Winter 2018/2019)

IATL Anti-Trafficking Coalition Winter Quarterly Project: Prevention Efforts

Even though human trafficking crosses all demographics, there are some circumstances that create a higher risk of victimization. The latest understanding regarding minor sex trafficking indicates that the most effective approach to stopping it is to address the circumstances which lead children to become vulnerable to it in the first place.

Academy’s Youth Restorative Justice and Trafficking Prevention Initiative

When a child has been involved in an incident which draws attention from law enforcement, prosecutors, and/or school officials, an opportunity is presented to give that child a more solid support network and address other issues that may make that child vulnerable to trafficking. Through its Youth Restorative Justice and Trafficking Prevention Initiative, the Academy is developing a model for restorative approaches to addressing incidents. When risk factors are addressed during the restorative process, the child will become less vulnerable to trafficking. Rather than traditional punitive approaches, restorative practices work to build relationships and support children while holding them accountable, which serves to establish a solid foundation and empower them for success.

Training for Restorative Practice Providers

To supplement this effort and further prevent trafficking, the Academy will provide training for restorative practice providers on how to identify and respond to trafficking. Providers will also be taught age-appropriate ways to talk to their youth clientele about trafficking.

The Link, the Academy’s Partner in Combatting Sex Trafficking of Children

The Link, a Minnesota-based non-profit, is an expert in addressing minor sex trafficking. For the 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis, the Link was selected to provide comprehensive training to hotel and transportation workers, Mall of America staff, and 10,000 Super Bowl volunteers on how to identify and respond to signs of sex trafficking. The Link is developing the trafficking training program for the Academy’s youth restorative justice initiative.

The Academy is working closely with the Link’s Youth Survivor Advisory Committee, a group of young people who have experienced sexual exploitation and now collectively strive to stop it. The Committee is providing the Academy with its unique perspective on how to speak to young people about trafficking with the goal of preventing it from happening in the first place. 

We encourage you to learn more about the Link by clicking here.

Thank you again for your efforts in the fight against human trafficking!

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