ACAHT Quarterly Project

(Summer 2019)

IATL Anti-Trafficking Coalition Summer Quarterly Project: Truckers Against Trafficking

Why Truckers?
It will likely be no surprise to you that sex trafficking often occurs at truck stops. Big-rig truckers are the eyes and ears of the road, and as such, they are in a unique position to make a difference. The non-profit organization, Truckers Against Trafficking, grew out of the realization that truckers have an exceptional opportunity to recognize and report trafficking, which directly helps law enforcement with recovering victims and prosecuting perpetrators.  

Truckers Against Trafficking – Changing Systems
Truckers Against Trafficking uses a multi-faceted approach to pursue the disruption of trafficking networks. It trains drivers how to identify and report potential trafficking situations. It equips law enforcement, trucking associations, and other agencies with trafficking training and resources. It supports state-based initiatives to combat trafficking. It provides decals to drivers to place on their vehicles listing the Human Trafficking Hotline. It also partners with the energy industry, as it frequently intersects with trucking. To learn more about all of Truckers Against Trafficking’s programs, click here.

What Can I Do?
Think about who you know within the trucking industry – from the company owners to the drivers to the mechanics – and tell them about Truckers Against Trafficking. If you represent a transportation company, introduce your client to Truckers Against Trafficking, just like Arkansas Fellows Bobby Jones and Ken Shemin did with their clients. This is how great progress is made!

Look to see if trafficking training of drivers is mandated in your state, and if not, contact your legislator about it!

Ask your local truck stop to hang a Truckers Against Trafficking poster and supply them with corresponding materials. You can also spread the word to others over social media! Many other ideas are listed here.

Thank you again for your support in the fight against human trafficking!

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