President's Message

It is the pinnacle of my legal career to serve as the President of the Academy for 2021-2022. First Lady Pat Klous and I are honored and humbled to represent the ‘best of the best’ in the legal profession. And, by ‘best of the best’, we mean the best in terms of legal prowess and skill as trial lawyers and, as important, the best in terms of fundamentally good and decent people, who are doing good in their communities in this country and around the world.
We look forward to leading and expanding the many initiatives of the Academy, all of which are intended to expand the Rule of Law in the United States and around the world. Our Foundation is a crown jewel of our Academy and, through its grant program, it is expanding the reach of the Academy to worthy organizations and efforts which relate to justice, equality, the elimination of racial bias and the protection of an independent judiciary.

Our Academy programs also bring about positive social change that we hope to see. Our Anti-Human Trafficking Program, our Youth Restorative Justice Program, our Ireland Program, our Latin America and the other International Collaboratives, among many others, are devoted to fostering education, expanding awareness and establishing exchanges with other legal systems and with judges worldwide.

Pat and I hope that you will spend some time browsing our website and get to know our programs better. In doing so, you’ll come to know our Fellows as well. After all, our Academy Fellows reflect the core values, mission and purpose of the Academy and that has been true since the Academy’s inception,  67 years ago.

Our Executive Director, Janel Fick, and her talented team, stand ready to answer any questions that our Fellows or interested visitors may have.  
Best wishes,
Roman M. Silberfeld
International Academy of Trial Lawyers

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