The Academy is a group of truly elite trial lawyers representing both sides of the Bar:  prosecutors and defense lawyers in criminal cases, and plaintiffs' and defense counsel in civil litigation (including business and personal injury cases).  While the majority of the Fellows come from the U.S., the Academy includes lawyers from more than 30 countries.  Fellowship is by invitation only, and trial lawyers are invited to become Fellows only after an extremely careful vetting process.



As to U.S. Fellows, the Academy's bylaws limit Fellowship to 500 active trial lawyers under the age of 70.  Upon reaching the age of 70, a Fellow retains all of his or her rights and privileges but is no longer counted against the cap of 500.  This provision assures that each year there will be openings for first-rate nominees to enter the Fellowship.


2016 Mid Year Meeting
Montage Deer Valley
Park City, UT
July 27-31, 2016

Meeting Details (pdf)

2016 International Meeting
October 16-27, 2016

Morocco Post-Trip
October 27-November 2, 2016

2017 Annual Meeting
The Grand Del Mar
San Diego, CA
April 5-9, 2017

2017 Mid Year Meeting
Ritz Carlton Montreal
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
July 26-30, 2017

2018 Annual Meeting
Four Seasons Austin
Austin, TX
March 21-25, 2018

Mark White, Esq. delivered an impactful Dean’s Address at the IATL Annual Meeting in Washington DC. We encourage you to watch it here.


The Academy’s Coalition Against Human Trafficking works to combat human trafficking by raising awareness about human trafficking, reducing the demand for sex trafficking, and empowering IATL’s Fellows and their families to create change in their communities. For the most recent Coalition news, please read our latest report.